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MAUMEE, Ohio – Many homeowners change the interior design of their home with the seasons, adding rugs, pillows, decorative items and even wall color to reflect the environment outdoors. Now, homeowners can do the same with their home's exterior with paintable fiberglass doors that can be painted a range of colors with easy-to-apply latex paint.

"We are seeing more and more homeowners change their door color with the seasons," said Sue McLaughlin, Technical Services Representative for Therma-Tru Doors, who gives consumers advice on how to paint and stain their doors. "They may paint the door red to brighten the home during the holidays and cold winter months, then paint it a light blue during the summer months. The door becomes a great accessory for the home. And fiberglass doors are ideal for this project, because they are easy to paint and maintain."

A spruced up entryway adds more than just beauty to the home. A recent study by Therma-Tru Doors found that an enhanced entryway with glass doorlites, sidelites and transom can add up to $24,000 to the perceived value of the home.

McLaughlin offers homeowners tips for creating great new looks for their door:

Clean the Door First
  • Clean the door with detergent and water or a trisodium phosphate solution (TSP). Rinse and let dry.
  • DO NOT wash the doorlite frame (the molding around the glass). Simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Doorlite frames have a factory applied surface preparation that could be removed if detergents or solvents are used.
Pick the Right Paint
  • Select a high quality exterior latex or acrylic house paint in your color preference.
  • Paint one coat for white or light color finishes. Use two coats for medium or dark colors, letting dry between coats.
  • Be sure to paint edges and exposed ends of door.
  • If your door has a doorlite installed, be sure to prime the doorlite frame with a alkyd based primer prior to applying the top coat of paint.
Helpful Hints for a Great Finish
  • Temperatures should be above 50 degrees and humidity should be below 85 percent when painting the door.
  • Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions on temperatures, humidity and curing time. Some latex paints take two weeks or longer to cure properly.
  • For new construction, paint the door as soon as possible once construction is complete.

For more information on Therma-Tru Doors and ideas on entryway projects, visit The website even has a Door Designer tool that lets users mix and match door styles, glass side lites and transoms to create the look they want.

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