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MAUMEE, Ohio – Today's seniors are an entirely new breed, with active lifestyles, multi-generational households and post-retirement careers. While many want to remain in their family homes, they are demanding building materials and products that meet their changing needs, from low maintenance and energy efficiency to unique style and the flexibility to meet their evolving health conditions.

Therma-Tru Doors, the industry's most preferred entry doors, are ideal for an active senior's home. The Classic-Craft®, Fiber-Classic® and Smooth-Star® door systems offer:
  • Low-Maintenance – Fiberglass doors require minimal maintenance and can be wiped clean with soap and water.
  • Style – Fiberglass can be molded with real wood graining and intricate detail, unlike steel, and it maintains this beauty over time, unlike wood. Therma-Tru offers an extensive line of traditional, Victorian and historic re-creations of beautiful doors and decorative glass to appeal to seniors'style.
  • Durability – Fiberglass doors do not warp, split, shrink or swell as wood doors tend to do. They also do not dent, rust or corrode like steel doors. The door systems meet Housing and Urban Development codes and many have been tested to meet Florida building codes.
  • Warranty – Therma-Tru offers door systems, instead of just doors, which means the components are engineered to work better together and allow Therma-Tru to offer warranties for entire door systems, up to lifetime for the entire door system.
  • Energy Efficiency – Fiberglass doors offer five times the insulation of wood, and since they don't warp or shrink, they virtually eliminate air infiltration problems. This helps create an energy efficient envelope for the home, stabilizing the interior temperatures and decreasing energy costs.
  • Easy Access – Therma-Tru door systems are available in standard 3 ft. widths, as well as 3 ft. 6 inch widths and double doors for easy access. With an ADA-approved low-profile threshold, the 3 ft. 6-inch doors easily accommodate wheelchairs. The doors also accommodate universal design hardware.
  • Security – Therma-Tru fiberglass door systems are more resistant to forced entry than wood doors and offer an adjustable security strike plate that withstands 450 pounds of force. Fiberglass doors can be produced to meet fire resistance standards providing homeowners added safety and peace-of-mind. They also are designed to withstand high-wind and hurricane conditions in Florida. In addition, Therma-Tru's handmade decorative, break-resistant tempered glass helps protect from the elements and intruders.


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