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MAUMEE, Ohio – You bought a fiberglass door for performance and durability, now you want to make it look great. But, typical wood stains won't absorb on fiberglass and can leave you with streaks and drips. Therma-Tru Doors, the most preferred brand of fiberglass entry doors, has the solution – specialized stain kits designed specifically for fiberglass doors.

Therma-Tru's fiberglass door systems feature the industry's most realistic wood grains and texture, and the Therma-Tru Stain Kit helps bring the wood grain to life in beautiful natural oak, light oak, cherry, walnut, English walnut, cedar and antique white finishes.

"Finishing a fiberglass door is simple when you have the right tools," said Sue McLaughlin, Technical Service representative for Therma-Tru. "We designed the stain kit to make it simple for homeowners to create beautiful looks for their fiberglass doors. The kit includes stains, sealer, stir sticks and practice samples, along with easy-to-follow tips."

McLaughlin suggests homeowners follow only three basic steps:

First: Prep the door. Using a clean, dry rag, clean the entire surface with the mineral spirits provided in the kit or an all-purpose cleaner. After rinsing, allow the door to dry completely. Then use masking tape to cover any glass, and remove or mask hinges, lock hardware and weatherstripping. Do not use turpentine and do not sand the door.

Second: Stain the door. Dip the staining cloth in the stain and rub the stain on the door in a circular motion. Apply the stain to the panels. Next, stain the "rails" or short, horizontal sections. Finally, stain the long vertical stiles that run along the left and right sides of the door.

To obtain a light stain, wait about five minutes and then brush the stain out strongly with the tips of a natural bristle brush. For a dark stain, wait about ten minutes and brush the stain lightly. Feather the stain in the direction of the grain to obtain a uniform color. Wipe any excess stain from the brush onto a dry cloth.

Third: Seal the door. Allow the stain to dry. Then apply a very thin coat of protective topcoat/sealer. Wet only the tip of the brush and brush in the direction of the grain. Cover all door surfaces, working in the same order in which you applied the stain. The surfaces should look wet, but not milky. Wait three hours for the first coat to dry. Then apply a second, very thin, even coat.

McLaughlin notes that fiberglass entry doors don't expand or contract with temperature changes. As a result, they keep their "just stained" appearance years longer than wood doors.

Therma-Tru door systems and the Therma-Tru stain kit are available through lumberyards and distributors nationwide. Distribution through nationally known home centers is increasing. For information on dealers, visit the Dealer Locator at Therma-Tru door systems feature the best warranties in the industry, and the Therma-Tru stain kit features a five-year satisfaction guarantee.

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