Therma-Tru Transforms America’s Ugliest Doors in Illinois and Washington

MAUMEE, OHIO, (January 20, 2009) ― They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but for the winners of Therma-Tru’s fourth annual “Ugliest Door in America” contest, there was no beauty to behold when it came to their ugly patio and entry doors. Following a nationwide search for America’s ugliest doors, Therma-Tru Doors is pleased to reveal the transformations that restored beauty and energy efficiency to the homes of its contest winners.

Scott and Cat Eidsness of Auburn, Wash., won in the essay category for their home’s disgustingly decrepit entry door, and Gina Nelson of Willow Springs, Ill., won in the video category for her pathetically poor patio door.

Both winners received Therma-Tru entry door systems worth approximately $5,000 and the before and after photos of their door makeovers are posted online at www.myuglydoor.com.

“It’s always a pleasure to announce the winners and to finally see the dramatic transformations,” said Ashley Lumm, marketing communications specialist for Therma-Tru Doors. “The Eidsness’ and Nelsons’ new fiberglass doors will not only impact the curb appeal and energy efficiency of their homes, but will also add value.”

This year Therma-Tru invited homeowners to submit their entries for “America’s Ugliest Door” in a choice of two formats —a written essay with door photos or a one-minute video describing why they deserved to win a new entry or patio door system from Therma-Tru. Visitors were then offered the opportunity to view the 10 contest finalists online, post their comments and vote for their top picks in each category. Winners were determined from more than 200 entries, 4,100 votes and 809 comments.

Broken Screens Make Way For Beautiful Glass
Scott and Cat Eidsness provided a written plea along with photos of their incredibly ugly original door, the top of which was so cracked they they could see light and a feel a draft, even when the door was closed. The door’s broken windows and screens had been covered with plywood to keep out the elements. Now, ineffiency will no longer be an issue with their new Therma-Tru fiberglass entry door system.

“We are thrilled with our new entry door,” said Cat Eidsness. “The decorative glass and the rich mahogany finish makes a huge difference in the curb appeal of our home.”

Not only did the Eidsness family get rid of an eyesore, they’ve reduced their yearly energy bills by as much as $450. The original drafty door had a low R-value (measure of thermal resistance), which meant the heat waltzed out the old ugly door. The bigger the R-value, the more insulated the home is. Scott and Cat’s new door more than tripled its R-value, eliminating drafts and sealing their home. 

Beyond the money they will save on their energy bills, according to local realtor Diane Lucas of Keller Williams Realty, the new-found curb appeal will be vital in attracting qualified buyers if they intend to sell down the road.

“Agents and buyers spend several minutes outside the front door when they arrive,” said Lucas. “Since most purchasing decisions begin before a buyer even steps into the house, a beautiful, well-tended front door sets the stage for a successful showing—and ultimately a sale.”

Before After

Therma-Tru installed a Classic-Craft® Mahogany Collection™ door with Longford™ decorative glass and matching sidelites, turning the Eidsness’ broken down door into a stunning focal point of their home’s façade. The Classic-Craft door is designed with   Therma-Tru’s patented AccuGrain™ Technology, which combines the look of high-grade wood with all of the benefits and durability of fiberglass.

Pathetic Patio Transforms with Perfect Door Performance 
In her video entry, Gina Nelson provided a point-by-point demonstration of each malfunctioning aspect of her ugly patio door. In addition to showing how she had to use vice grips to open the door (because the latch fell off) she showed its cloudy, damaged glass and the holes below where the ants came marching in.

“It’s such a comfort to now have a secure, functioning patio door that my kids can go in and out of to play in the backyard,” said Nelson. “I no longer have to worry about ants coming in during the summer months or the chilling drafts during the winter months—our home is now pest-free and so nice and warm.”

Before After

The Nelsons’ received Therma-Tru’s Slim-Line™ Sliding Patio Door, providing a durable and safe patio entrance to their home. The patio door delivers exceptional thermal performance combined with double weather-stripping and Low-E insulated glass.

Because the Eidsness’ and Nelsons’ door systems are constructed out of fiberglass, the doors won’t warp or rot like wood or dent, rust or ding like steel, and are ENERGY STAR qualified, providing excellent thermal protection. In fact, Therma-Tru fiberglass doors offer five times the insulation of a wood door and the average R-value is almost as insulating as the wall of an average home.

To view the stunning entryway makeovers, visit www.myuglydoor.com.

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